The wind of change and truth is upon us.

There was once an old wind that whipped up gusto from beyond all for corners of the globe. It came from beyond the farthest star at the edge of existence and swept everything in its path along its travels, changing everything in its path.

The ancients called it the wind of truth, for when it was to touch down upon the earth it wreaks havoc, changing and stripping everything to its very core. It always comes in the dark of night at the precipice of a global change. When it comes there is no place, man, woman, body, thought, emotion, desire or atom that doesn’t get stripped to its core. It’s stripping away and ferocity is so powerful that it leaves all standing naked before it, having stripped away all illusions, nothing but thy true self remains.

What is left surrounding us is everything and everyone else’s true nature. It is as if all of a sudden the final veil has been lifted and we can finally see on this earth for the first time. The ancients have once again said that this wind is on its way to our glorious earth. What seems like our darkest hour is about to become our brightest, rawest truth and transformation. For when the wind of truth touches down it leaves nothing but the truth, stripping away all egos, falsehoods and illusions.

Thy can call forward this process for the next twenty one days, as you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up, call on the wind of truth to strip away all illusions, falsehood and ego. Repeat this as you fall asleep and upon awaking for the next twenty one days to call the wind of truth into your life.