As long as you’re afraid of disappointing people, they have a hold on you.’ Anita Moorjani

Mmm nice!

Every once in a while I read a quote that stops me in my tracks. This is one of them, I read it earlier and it really resonated with something in me. So I just sat with and contemplated it for about half an hour, allowing it to soak into and work on me. Becoming aware of the areas and ways in which many people in the past and currently have a hold over me. Affecting what I say, how much I say and how I may act or not act out of a fear of disappointing people in my life. I am therefore being less than I truly am and creating a prison in my mind. Even though I may not always be conscious of it, this creates many threads that hold me back from being all I can and living a life of unconditional freedom. All this affects the experience of my freedom, which is unconditional, boundless and needs nothing.

This reminded me of a Lao Tzu quote ‘Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.’  This theme is very current for me as I get ready to publish my book ‘You Are Already Free’ on 4th May. I have came up with numerous excuses to delay the publication including thinking I am not ready, not fully embodied the message, not free enough, worried about being vulnerable and sharing my personal story, insecurities, fear of putting myself out there and of speaking my truth. But as these quotes suggest, as long as I have attachments to other peoples, actions, words or beliefs then I become their prisoner and I’m held back from being my true self unconditionally, without apology, explanation or need of approval. To allow myself to let go of these threads that create an illusory prison in my mind is to let go of these attachments. For me this is the path to living true unconditional freedom; the freedom that is our very nature. How can you control someone who does not care what think, do, say or how you act towards him? Those who cannot be controlled are totally free. The thought of this absolutely terrifies the people in power who seek to control every aspect of our life. That is not to say I should just let people do whatever they want to me or let go of attachments to caring for and helping others. But the moment I let go off attachment to your thought, word or deed I am able to be fully me and be totally free.