Will you join me?

Can you hear the calling?

Will you answer the call?

If I told you that you must leave everything behind and you will gain nothing would you join me?

Leave time and space behind.

Will you join me?

It will be your final trip but you will travel nowhere.

Drop the holding, grasping and resisting for just this moment.

Let it all go and pick nothing up.

Will you join me?

Allow the yearning, pain and chaos to bring you here with arms wide open.


Drop it all.

Drop into this.

Oh won’t you join me?

Join me here.

It’s simpler than simple, perhaps even too simple.

Will you join me?

Nowhere to go and nothing to do but yet there is a dropping.

Will you drop it?

Drop it all and leave it all behind.

Follow the yearning, answer the call.

Will you join me?

Go nowhere, always remain here.

Stay here.

Do not leave me.

Just this once do not follow the mind.

You’ve been down that road before.

Will you stay?

Will you stay here?

Here no one is doing yet everything gets done.

The tears of your sadness and joy are one.

Nothing is needed because the story is done.

The search, searcher and searched are one.

Will stay?

Stay right here.

Where darkness and light are allowed to come and go as one.

No words are needed, not even one.

Now that you’ve joined me we were always at one.