Rest in the eye of the storm

What if the only place where we were to find our true existence and essence was at the heart of the storm; the eye of the tornado? And any movement from this centre be it action, ability or anything is an act of creation and movement away from self and thus into chaos. Brining you out into the storm of form, the infinite, formless, boundless space that is your true essence can never be found or known in a limited, finite form. Therefore we must transcend the desire and belief that we gain permanent, true peace in any form, including that of our own. We will no doubt experience and come to know our true, vast, infinite formless selves once we leave the body and world of form. But could it be possible to experience this while still in a body on earth living amongst the storm of form? What if we remain centred in the body, whilst remaining unattached to it or life? See them as garments and a play on a stage, letting them come and go as they want, in the knowledge that this cannot nor ever will be our true essence.

By holding firm in the eye of the storm you know your truth and see life, creation, earth, existence and manifestation come into and out of existence. If you go out into the tornado – the storm of form – you get caught up in or ‘swept away’ with it. Hooked or involved in the drama of the play, resulting in an infinite number of creations, lives, existences and experiences.¬† But when you finally return to your formless nature and truth you will know it for the first time.¬† ”We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we first started and know it for the first time.” T. S. Eilliot

Rest in the eye of the storm, without attachments to labels, identity or form and you shall rest in peace beyond understanding.