On this page I will be sharing some doorways to your true self.

Inviting you into openings that encourage you to let go of everything for just one moment to remember and experience your true nature.

Hopefully these invitations will inspire you to find your own unique way of opening into life’s unending invitation for you to experience and remember the truth of who you are.

That which is always already free, regardless of labels, appearances or circumstances.

What if what is is exactly what should be?


Life isn’t exactly like I want it to be, but it’s exactly as it should be.

Life may never be exactly like I want it to be, but it will always be exactly as it should be.

The difference between these two positions is that one leads to suffering and hell. The other leads to peace and heaven right here, right now.

Which one do you choose?

You can make a new choice any moment and thus create your reality, without having to change or do a thing, where nothing changes but EVERYTHING changes!

How powerful is that!!

That is true empowerment, giving you the opportunity to chose and experience peace at any time, no matter what circumstance or situation you face.

The perfect reflection!

Oh to look at a beautiful rose you know it worry not for the morrow,

perhaps it knows to do so would fill it with sorrow.

                                                       Holding back nothing unashamedly in full bloom,                                                          

knows not of the next moment, nor does it assume.

                                               Effort is a construct it couldn’t understand,                                                

for it try not to be like another thing in all the land.

 Long let go of a thing called pride.

Shines its beauty for all, would not take a side.

Allows the beauty of the lord to cut through your masks like a sword.

                                                        Lets life be lived of its own accord.                                                     

 Has dropped all illusions of a me,

 allowing itself to become fully free.

 A manifestation of all that is whole and true,

oh dear one if only you realised this perfect reflection of you!

yellow rose 1

The Timeless Now



There is no past or future only ever the timeless now, anything else is an illusion. To try to grasp it is to put it into time, but there is only this moment of now. There is only ever now, everything else is an illusion for it is not now and distracts or takes away from now and is therefore false, an illusion of sorts.

All thoughts are happening now, be they about the past or future they occur now and are therefore mind games, for there is only ever this eternal present moment. Any thought of anything else just dilutes it and has to be false, untrue, a game, a joke, a fiction of your wonderful imagination. Anything else be it past or future has to be false, untrue, an imposter of the present moment, a clown distracting you from what is here now, now and now.  Let go of it for it can never be true, it is the biggest imposter of all.

How could it be any other way?

 They come as a thief in the night to rob us of this; only this can ever exist in all its perfection, rain falling, wind blowing, and writing of pencil, not knowing what is next. Each moment cannot be dissected or cut up, it is continuous, and it is life. It just is, live it and feel it as this is what there only ever was or will be.

It is so clear, thoughts or worries about the past or future are total illusions as there can only ever be this present moment of now. Any thoughts just dilute what is and are figments of your imagination, monsters of the night, trying to take away from this moment. They can never come to fruition and are wisps of a past, but they can never happen now, now or now.

So do you see what a waste of energy they are?

 Just mere tricks of the ego, trying to take you away from the greatest gift of all, the eternal ‘present’ moment, it is where eternity is found and rests. Only in the current moment, ever moving, without description or quantification, to describe it or to put a label on it is too late, as it is already gone, ever present, now… now and now.

To try to catch it would be like trying to catch air with a net, it is impossible as it is ever moving, ever present. This is where there truly is no past or future. They could never exist in the present moment, for it is untouchable, ever moving, and eternity happening now.

How could we ever have missed it, when it has always been so clear, right here for us, underneath our very own eyes? We waste so much futile energy on the past and future when there is only ever now. Right now this moment as soon as I say it is gone and it is on to the next and the next and the next, eternity happening now.

Right under our noses, who’d have thought it? What a cosmic joke.

Feel it. Eternity is happening now and you are dreaming of something that is an illusion for it is not here right in this present moment of now.

Wake up from the dream of past and future, for they only exist in your mind. Let go and experience eternity now, now and the next, it is always here, always happening now. It can never be any other way

It will never get better than this, for this eternal moment is all there ever is. I was going to say remember how good this felt, but that would be selling you another illusion. It will not be present in the future moment of now when you read this. So to want anything than what is present for you in the moment of now is buying into the illusion of past and future. This means you are not experiencing the eternal moment of now and whatever it is presenting to you. Don’t think of the past or what will happen in the future, for they are illusions and are a mask for the eternal now. Just like the ego is a mask for your eternal true nature. To experience that true nature all you have to do is remain in the now. Wherever or whenever you are it will always be now.

The dance of form


There is no you and there is no me,

just the dance of eternity.

Everything is already free,

but for the thought of a you and a me.

More openings coming soon