‘If you are reading this right now and your life is perfect as it is then read no further. But if it isn’t and there is something that you’re struggling with that is affecting you on a daily basis then please continue. Maybe you even feel like it’s all just too much and you can’t see how you will ever get through this or be at peace again. If so then don’t give up. Just don’t give up dear one. Even though it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and doing the simplest of tasks is like a gargantuan struggle. I’m not even going to say have hope, because I know what is like to be years without any glimmer of hope. So just for now leave hope aside. Just for now don’t give up dear one. I know the struggle, I know it well. Right now I don’t even have any other words of wisdom about how I was able to turn it around; they can come later, if they come at all. But please know dear one you can and will turn it around, this I know for sure. If I came back from four years in the depths of the abyss, darkness and depression then I assure you that you can and will come back from this. I am no different than you. I know how hard it is when you feel stuck there to even muster a word at times and your very breath feels laborious. So I’m not even going to tell you to surrender or let go. Just for now, don’t give up. I implore you dear one from the depths of my soul to just hang in there. You have no idea now, but I assure you it matters more than you can ever know. I cannot hold back the tears I feel for your ‘apparent’ meaningless pain and seemingly endless struggle. I am there with you dear one, I feel your pain, you are not alone. Your future self is pleading with you – just don’t give up. I don’t even know why or to whom I am writing this. Maybe this is my future self writing to and acknowledging me for not giving up when it seemed like giving up was the only way. Thank you for not giving up, I love you dear one.’ Ryan Doherty