I don’t know what is the bigger crime, to lock up a beautiful free bird of paradise in a cage or to convince the bird that the cage exists!

Ryan Doherty

Ryan Doherty


Hello, my name is Ryan Doherty.

After struggling with darkness and depression for over four years, spending thousands of pounds on healers and counsellors I had virtually given up all hope of turning my life around. But my life began to change when I decided to leave my qualifications and career in marketing behind to start volunteering for a homeless charity called Homeplus.

Five years on my life has been totally transformed. Up until recently, due to problems with funding I was running the charities busy Drop-In Centre for homeless Migrant Workers, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, which helped over six hundred people from over forty different countries in the last year. I recently performed in a Theatre of Witness play called Sanctuary which toured around N. Ireland, telling my journey from deep darkness and depression to having my life transformed by helping others. A short documentary was also made about the performer’s journey and stories.

Through my desire to free myself from the darkness and depression which became my home for over four years, along with my search to find, live and speak my truth and inspire others to do likewise. I embarked on the journey of writing a book, along the way found my truth and realised we are all already free.

We all long for more freedom in some area of our lives. But very few of us believe we can truly find or deserve it. I help people to experience and remember that they are already free. Our true nature is boundless, formless and infinite, like space without beginning or end, over the last five years I have learned how to remind others how to experience this true nature that is beyond all words and concepts.

I am a Journey practitioner and an advanced theta healer who meditates daily.  For the past year I have been on a Year of Miracles program run by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman and Marci is currently training me to be a happiness and love ambassador. I’m also a massive Liverpool FC fan who lives in Belfast, N. Ireland and absolutely love to dance.