About the book

Freedom is our true nature. We are all born free until society, family and culture program us with beliefs leading to a case of mistaken identity and in many cases a life time of suffering.

The book is about my journey from the depths of darkness and depression with no hope or way out. For some reason when I seemed to have reached the end of the road with no way back I was inspired to help others. Perhaps it was quotes from Zig Ziglar and Neale Donald Walsch that said whatever you want for yourself, if you bring it to enough others first then it shall return to you. So I started to volunteer at a homeless Drop-In Centre, not long after I got the job to run the Centre and before I knew it my life had transformed. I realized that as I was helping others I was actually helping myself as the veil of separation fell I came to remember that we are all one.

After taking these steps on the outside I was guided to go within and receive guidance from my inner knowing and my true self. From here I received inspired and guidance on the journey home in the process I opened to the remembering that ‘we are already free.’

 Our true nature is boundless, formless and infinite like space without beginning or end. But we chose to be born into a finite body that is limited, is born and will die so that we can fully come to know to our true essence so that when we return home to the place we never really left, but for an illusion we know this place fully for the first time. T S Eliot said it beautifully when he said ‘‘we shall not cease from our exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’’

We all long for more freedom in some area of our lives. But very few of us believe we can truly find or deserve it. I don’t know what is the bigger crime, to lock up a beautiful free bird of paradise in a cage or to convince the bird that the cage even exists. You are already free! As you read this book you will remember why!!

I have just recently finished the book and I am currently looking for a suitable publisher.