Thanks for taking the time to checking my blog! I will be sharing some things and insights I learnt along the way to realising I am already free.

After spending nearly four years in a hellish darkness and depression I developed a deep intention and commitment to find my truth, live it and speak it, then inspire others to do likewise. From this commitment I chose to write a book about my journey called ‘You are already free,’ which has been recently finished and I’m currently looking for a suitable publisher.

Even though I wrote the book ‘You are already free’ I still did not feel I had totally embodied or fully live the essence of the message.  This filled me with some hesitation, trepidation and fear about the time I would have to release and discuss the book and its message in public. In short I was having problems, owning and living the message authentically and unapologetically.

Recently a mentor asked me what limiting story I was telling myself that is stopping me from living and fulfilling my commitment? This got me thinking, so I spent some silent time in nature to create some space for the possibility of an answer to come though. I wasn’t trying to think of the answer, but rather just focusing on the nature around me and be present in the moment.

All of a sudden I had a realisation that I hide! I hide parts of myself from you… I asked myself why I hide parts of myself from you. Then let it go for a few minutes, allowing space and silence, being present and admiring the nature around me… Then it hit me;  I hide from you because I believe I need your love, approval and acceptance and I’m afraid if I don’t get these you may reject me, which makes me your prisoner.

This was a massive insight into why I wasn’t feeling ready to share the message of my book and in essence to embody being free. So I sat with this for a while and realised that my truth and essence is boundless love and freedom. When I remember and live from that I do not need love, as this is who I am. If I live from this place I do not need your approval and acceptance as self approval and acceptance naturally arises from living from our true nature, which is love and boundless, infinite, formless freedom.

So I have decided to unapologetically shine my light and truth.  To let go of my fears and push my boundaries to the edges my comfort zone and beyond. So that I fully come to know, live, speak and embody the truth of ‘You are already free.’

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you gain some insights and have some fun along the way, which may encourage you to find, speak and live your truth in whatever beautiful divine form that may be.

Do you hide? If so why and in what ways?